Technical Assistance Programs

SDG&E® and SoCalGas®
Technical Assistance Opportunities

Sempra Energy has been providing technical assistance to many of our suppliers for more than 20 years since the inception of the supplier diversity program. In the past, companies have grown from small to large given the business expertise and coaching from our representatives.

In 2008, the Supplier Diversity department launched an aggressive and comprehensive set of programs to meet the needs of our current and future suppliers. We believe that your success equals our success.


Upon completion of any of our established training programs in conjunction with various hours of mentoring and business coaching, the technical assistance programs should be able to:

  • Provide well-rounded, practical knowledge for our suppliers
  • Increase acumen in entrepreneurship, financial and strategic planning among other critical business knowledge areas


  • Develop comprehensive technical assistance programs to increase business acumen for diverse business owners at all levels and across functional business areas
  • To provide well-rounded, practical knowledge for our suppliers
  • To establish a practical program that includes a mentoring component and business coaching