Policies and Position Statements

Biodiversity Policy | Download

Biodiversity is defined as the existence of a wide variety of plant and animal species in their natural environments. This policy emphasizes our commitment to protecting biodiversity in areas where we operate.

Director Communications Policy | Download

The purpose of this policy is to facilitate written communications with the Company’s board of directors. This policy was adopted by the Sempra Energy board of directors on September 14, 2004.

Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace | Download

Sempra Energy respects the diversity of our employees and is committed to policies of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. This policy outlines this commitment, articulates the responsibilities of employees to carry out this policy and details avenues for reporting any violations.

Environmental Policy | Download

Describes Sempra’s commitment to comply with environmental laws and regulations while also using innovative approaches to help customers save energy and promote efficiency and sustainability in our operations.

Political Engagement and Contributions Policy | Download

Sempra Energy and its business units consider engaging with policymakers to be an important, necessary and appropriate part of doing business as long as it is conducted in a legal and transparent manner.

Water Policy | Download

This policy emphasizes our commitment to use water in a responsible and sustainable manner, prepare for water related emergencies, and abide by applicable water related laws, regulations and permit requirements.

Climate Change and Air Emissions Position Statement | Download

In a world of limited resources and concerns around a changing climate, Sempra Energy believes that demand for lower-carbon sources of energy will continue to rise.

U.S. Energy Policy Position Statement | Download

We believe U.S. policy should address climate change and energy in a coordinated manner.

Hydraulic Fracturing Position Statement | Download

Sempra Energy supports responsible hydraulic fracturing in North America and recognizes the benefits that accrue to customers through clean, affordable sources of energy - including natural gas.