Employee Diversity Programs

Employee Diversity Council (EDC)

Sempra Energy’s commitment to employee diversity extends beyond our recruitment and into the workplace. The Employee Diversity Council (EDC) is a corporate-wide team, led by employees from all of our companies. The EDC sets strategic direction and best practices for diversity and inclusion programs and education throughout the company. The EDC meets quarterly and has an impressive history of accomplishments. They include creating a vision of diversity and inclusion for the company, working with executives to increase their involvement in diversity and inclusion initiatives, creating a formal mentoring program, and developing tools and resources to inform employees about diversity and inclusion developments and events.

Local Diversity & Inclusion Councils (LDICs)

Local Diversity & Inclusion Councils (LDICs) are 13 councils located throughout our service territory that are focused on diversity and inclusion education and employee engagement programming. The all-volunteer councils create programs and events tailored to the unique needs of their location. The LDICs are tasked with ensuring inclusion in their workplace.

Diversity Ambassador Program

The Diversity Ambassador program was created to ensure employees have access to relevant diversity and inclusion education. Select employees have been trained to act as experts on specific diversity and inclusion topics of interest to our employees. Diversity Ambassadors are deployed to construction and operating yards, support staff meetings and leadership team meetings. The Diversity Ambassador program ensures all employees have timely and relevant information to add value to our workforce and better understand our customers.