Business Partnerships

Diverse Portfolio

Sempra Energy's business model is based on a balanced portfolio of businesses. By having a diverse range of energy-related businesses, we are better equipped to navigate the changing marketplace.

We've thrived when others have struggled by using a disciplined risk-management approach, and directives based on insight and experience, rather than on industry trends.

We have a blend of stable businesses through our regulated utilities and our long-tern contracted infrastructure businesses. The key to a strong future is maintaining the right balance, growing revenue and keeping our credit ratings strong.

Each business develops diverse programs and services to meet the range of needs of our 32 million consumers. We know that one size does not fit all. We prove this as we create customized solutions for businesses, offering a range of convenient billing options, or ensuring that our corporate contributions cover a broad spectrum of groups that represent our customers.

By diversifying our businesses and seeking long-term solutions to challenges, Sempra Energy proves that well-managed, responsible corporations can succeed, even in tough business environments.

By valuing, managing and leveraging diversity in the workplace and the marketplace, Sempra Energy fosters better relationships.